S.T.A.R.S. ( Support The Autism Road to Success ) Autism School offers unique educational plans, individualized to each student, that will enhance the capacity of children under the spectrum of Autism to learn and to maximize their academic and social potential more effectively. We carry out this mission through a certified faculty, speech/occupational/physical and applied behavior analysis therapists, small student-teacher ratios, specialized visual learning aides, field trips, parent training and support, and individualized educational plans.– Our Mission

A word from our Parents

STARS Autism is a wonderful school that my son has the privilege of attending. Their emphasis is always on the welfare of the child not the curriculum unlike some other schools/organizations. Stars demonstrates a unique understanding of this growing population. Their commitment to learning is a wonderfully evolving philosophy  that they actually make a reality instead of just talking about it. And as a parent, I can only say I am thrilled that my child has the opportunity to be a part of it.

Maribel M. Delgrosso


My son Anthony started with S.T.A.R.S. autism school when he was only 5 years old and now he is 10. The school was small back then and that is brought me to them. I was on a mission to find my son the best possible school for him to excel in as the public school system wanted to put him into a regular mainstream class and I knew he was not ready for it, so that is when I started looking for other options. I found ST.A.R.S. (Mrs. Nunez) at the children’s fair at Tamiami fair grounds. She invited us to visit the school So we did and we fell in love with the school and with its way of teaching and the curriculum. He has grown in that school into the young man he is. He has progressed in great strides that when I look back to the past 5 school years that he has been in I am left in AWE… He has had the same teacher Mrs. Gonzalez (she is heaven sent). He has actually made great friends throughout the years which is huge for a child under the spectrum. He will be there as long as he can and I am hoping that will be until high school. Thank you for all your support Mrs. Nunez and staff you guys are awesome.

Marlene and Manny Prieto


I have been a parent of a STARS student for 7 years and they are continually impressing me every year. There curriculum has been modified to my child’s needs and has past every expectation and more that I want from a school. They have been able to coordinate his therapies through out the school day which alleviate extra stress on my son and me. I look forward to the many more accomplishments STARS will achieve through out my sons time at the school.

Lazara Coto


My children are on their second year @ S.T.A.R.S and they are so happy and eager to go to school every morning. I recommend this school to other parents looking for a safe and nurturing place to have their special needs children.

Ms. Ortiz


My son is in his 2nd year at STARS and our experience has been such a positive one. He loves all of the teachers, therapists, and staff at the school. My son has also learned discipline and is more focused. Nothing makes me happier than to see how excited he is to go to school and to see all of his favorite people. I can tell that all of the staff genuinely cares about him and his success. This year we were fortunate enough to receive a Gardiner scholarship for him to be able to attend, which has been a blessing for our family. I am truly grateful to the school for the opportunity of allowing my son to attend.

Melissa Silva (Mother of Dylan Silva)


Words can’t express how overjoyed I am with having my child in STARS! After all the research I did prior to putting him in this school, it felt as if it were too good to be true! But it’s not! Everyday he goes to school in STARS is a blessing. This school has filled our hearts with hope! You will find that everyone in STARS is there because it’s their passion in wanting to make a difference! And they have, in our lives! I will be forever great full for this gem of a school.

Jessica Rodriguez


It is difficult to put in words how important it is for a parent to be able to drop off their child at a school and go on with their day knowing that their child is in the best hands possible. I am so very grateful for the STARS staff, teachers, coaches, therapists and everyone in between. The compassion, dedication and most importantly, unconditional love, that they give my son everyday. His educational progress and social development have excelled because of your program and staff. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for my son and his future.

Vince Atherley


When my son was diagnosed with autism over a year ago I had no idea what to expect or what do because autism was something I read about and heard about but never truly understood. And when it came to my son I wanted the best school, the best teachers and the best therapists to help my him reach his highest potential – that’s when I began my research. I went to visit schools and none of them really made an impact on me, they were over crowded and I didn’t feel a personal connection in any of them. Then I found STARS and right away I emailed them and asked a million questions and Mrs. Navarro always replied! We set up a tour of the school and I was shown around and when I met the principal I knew I had found the right place for my son. When she spoke to me about the school I felt her passion behind all her words and I automatically signed him up! Words cannot explain how grateful I am that my son continues to surprise me every single day and I honestly owe it to this school & its amazing staff & the amazing curriculum that engages all the children in the way that is best for THEM.

Nicole Martinez
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